Compensation Claims

Make your Compensation Claim today, with best compensation claims.

Our team of experienced solicitors will help you claim compensation for any accident you may have suffered and we will work hard  to ensure that you get receive as much compensation as possible.

best compensation claims is a trading style of Amelius Solicitors. We are based in Manchester and we specialize in all kinds of compensation claims, including accident claims, whiplash claims, medical negligence, drink driving and motorbike accident claims.

Compensation Claims Experts 

If you suffered an accident and it wasn’t your fault, don’t suffer in silence. Claim today and receive compensation for any injuries you may have suffered. Some people may shy away from wanting to make a compensation claim, thinking it would cost too much money or that they wouldn’t have any chance of winning their compensation claim.

With best compensation claims, you will gain the services of some of the UK’s most expert, compensation claims solicitors and we will fight tirelessly on your case to try to get you adequate compensation for your claim.

Why Choose Us For Your Accident Claim 

Here at Amelius Solicitors, we have dealt with hundreds of compensation claims, ranging from car accident claims, whiplash claims and medical negligence cases and we have scored a large success rate in all the compensation claims cases we have taken on.

When you send your compensation claim to us, we promise to give you a first class service from the start of your case to  the finish.  You can be able to communicate to us, via various channels, email, telephone or letter and we will reply back to you promptly.

Many people can be hesitant when it comes to making a personal injury claim, thinking the process will be too much of a headache or they will not place their whiplash claim or car accident claim, thinking believing it is wrong for someone to make such a claim.

With best compensation claims, we will take care of all the paperwork, when you make your compensation claims, with us, so that you can sit back and relax knowing that your claim is being handled by one of the UK’s leading compensation claims solicitors.

Making a car accident claim or a whiplash claim, is not against the law. If you have suffered an accident and have had your life disrupted by the accident, then you have full rights under UK law to place a claim and seek compensation for the injuries you may have suffered.